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1985 was the year "PALMOS Medical Supplies SA" was founded in Athens by Ioannis Ladakis, whose career begins in 1972, when he imported the Swedish implantable cardiac pacemaker of ELEMA SCHONANDER, later St. Jude Medical in Greece.

The company managed by dynamic leaps to gain an enviable position in the Greek market in a short period of time with all its human resources.

This success is due to the ethics, the professionalism and integrity of the executives aiming to satisfy their customers.

"PALMOS Medical Supplies SA", continuing its dynamic path, is established in the field of medical devices, mainly in the areas of cardiac surgery, invasive cardiology and resuscitation, ensuring strong partnerships with large foreign manufacturing companies.

In 2012 Aikaterini and Anna Ladaki undertake the task to continue the family tradition, taking the baton from their father, Ioannis Ladakis. Soon the company acquires permanent presence in the rest of Greece.

The vision of the company was, and always remains, the provision of quality products and services that exceed the expectations of its customers.

The company, determined to maintain its high standards, invests in innovation and advanced technology, always anticipating the needs of scientific medical field in Greece.



The policy of PALMOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES SA is the complete satisfaction of the requirements of its customers, providing high quality and safety products, supported by the provision of high quality services by adequate and properly trained staff.

The main goal is to maintain and continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and compliance with relevant legislation and standards EN ISO 9001: 2015 & 13485: 2016.

Within the framework of the Quality Policy, the Management defines basic objectives, which are reviewed at regular intervals and which aim at:
  • Improving the quality of services / products provided, at the lowest possible cost
  • Providing safe products for the occupational health and the patient
  • Improving the speed of customer service
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Confirmation that the company's processes work efficiently and effectively

For the implementation of the Quality Policy the company is committed to operate with the following principles:
  • Real and effective implementation of the Quality Management System within the Standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485: 2016 and the relevant Legislation.
  • All employees are fully informed about the Quality Management System of the company and take care of its implementation responsibly, under the supervision and guidance of the Quality Manager. Every employee is responsible for the quality of his work and its continuous improvement.
  • The company provides all the necessary means (equipment, materials, training) to achieve quality and safety objectives.
  • All actions that may affect the quality are planned and implemented according to the established procedures, which have been developed based on the process approach of the Quality Management System.
  • All control elements are analyzed and used in the context of a continuous effort to maintain and improve the Quality Management System.
  • The company has appointed a Quality Manager, who reports to the Management and has the jurisdiction and organizational independence to ensure that the Company's Quality Management System operates and is observed in accordance with the mentioned international Quality Standards and Legislation.

For PALMOS Medical Supplies SA

Anna Ladaki
Vice president


Environmental Policy and commitment of PALMOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES SA is to operate respectfully and protect the environment from the effects of all its activities, having for this purpose installed and complied with an Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015, which constantly improves its efficiency and performance.

Specifically, to achieve this goal, the company undertakes to:

  • Monitors systematically and implements the relevant Greek and E.U. Environmental Legislation, as well as the other requirements concerning its activities.
  • It has all the necessary permits, related to environmental protection.
  • Identifies, analyzes and evaluates environmental aspects, making a continuous effort to reduce the adverse effects of its activities on the environment, aiming to avoid or minimize pollution and / or its degradation.
  • It operates its facilities in a way that aims to save natural resources.
  • Ensures the continuous education, training and motivation of its staff, in order to gain environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Develops and implements environmental management programs to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.
  • Periodically monitors the implementation of all measures and processes, in order to ensure their effectiveness as much as possible.
  • Informs its contractors, suppliers and partners about the Environmental Policy and seeks their compliance in matters of environmental protection from their activities during their cooperation with it.
  • It periodically evaluates the performance in achieving its environmental objectives, in order to achieve their continuous improvement.


The Management of the company has appointed as its representative for the Environmental Management the Head of Quality Management, Environment & YAE (YPPPY), who has the jurisdiction and responsibility for its implementation and maintenance. In this context, it reports to the Management regarding the performance of the System, including suggestions for its improvement.



A. Ladaki

Vice president





PALMOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES SA recognizes and accepts the responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment and to prevent injury and illness to all employees, subcontractors and visitors on site, as well as to anyone else who may be affected by its activities.

The company recognizes the social and economic importance of protecting the health and safety of all those affected by its activities and is committed to promoting health and safety in all its operations.

This policy is evaluated in the context of the overall review of the System to ensure that the relevant objectives are met.

The principles and objectives set with regard to OSH are:

  • The installation, implementation and maintenance of an OSH Management System which meets all the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018, as well as all applicable relevant regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Maintaining a proper working environment with adequate infrastructure to ensure both the safety and health of workers
  • Providing and maintaining appropriate operational control mechanisms to prevent both accidents and ill health of employees
  • Ensuring sufficient resources to meet the requirements of the System, as well as the regulatory requirements
  • Providing adequate information, guidance, training and supervision to enable employees, subcontractors, visitors, etc. involved to avoid risks and to be aware of their respective responsibilities and obligations
  • The definition of measurable objectives for the OSH in order to achieve the continuous improvement of the OSH Management System
  • Systematic consultation with employees and some of their representatives on occupational health and safety issues, in order to take into account their views, both on the risks they face at work and on measures that could reduce/eliminate these risks.


The Management of the company has appointed as its representative for the Management of Health & Safety at Work the Head of Quality Management, Environment & OSH (YPPPY), who has the jurisdiction and responsibility for its implementation and maintenance. In this context, it reports to the Management regarding the performance of the System, including suggestions for its improvement.



A. Ladaki

Vice president

27, Makedonomachon str, Alsoupoli,
P.C. 14235 Nea Ionia, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 27 23 780
Fax: +30.210 27 23 309
Email: info@palmosmedical.gr

EN ISO 9001:2008

No: 01010128

EN ISO 13485:2003

No: 012100002


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