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Cardiac Stimulator
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Light and not bulky, the device guarantees accurate parameter setting by microprocessor control. In case of longlasting use of  the pacer, battery replacement can be carried out without interrupting the pacing activity thanks to the availability of stand-by batteries which ensure power supply for the time required. The connectors on the top of the pacer accept every lead commonly marketed. 

They enclose a locking system to prevent accidental slipping out of lead pins. Safety functions include power-on self-test, on line test of battery charge level, power-on inhibition in case of low charge level, an independent anti-runaway circuit and an alarm in case of disconnection of the lead.

A "beep" and a notice in the display will alert the operator in conditions of danger.
The keyboard provides a self-explanatory user interface and allows for quick program selection.

The available pacing modes are: VVI and V00 (asynchronous).
In the V00 mode tachyarrythmias can be handled by means of either a burst at a rate quadruple than the set value, or a decreasing ramp. A quick pacing start under safety parameters can be obtained by using the EMERGENCY key (asynchronous pacing at 72 ppm).
The AUTO key permits to start a demand pacing with automatic adjustment of  rate, threshold and sensing amplitude values.
Both in EMERGENCY and in AUTO the values can subsequently be further adjusted manually.
Patient parameters are visualized in terms both of spontaneous rate expressed in ppm and of sensing threshold.

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